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Information Description
Organisé par: Swisstours Transport
Nom du tour: Regular line from Geneva to Morzine
Ouverture: Daily
Horaires: 07h30,11h00,14h00,17h00
Description: Transfer from Geneva to South Morzine(TS0131BT)
between Geneva and Morzine
fr_06 1st stop: Geneva Airport
2nd stop: Geneva Bus station
Please note that the bus station and the airport stop maybe reversed some time.
Durée du circuit: 83 minutes
Départ: - Geneva airport - arrival section
- Geneva Bus Station - Place Dorcière
fr_11 8, rue François-Bonivard 1201 Genève
Adults 35 33.52 37.91
Children(4-12) 18 17.24 19.5
Children(0-3) 18 17.24 19.5
The displayed amount in € is indicative and based on the exchange rate at the time of booking.


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